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Thanksgiving Message from BPC Presidents
By Dorothee Saddier Axe
Posted on 11/24/2021 5:18 PM

by Karen Eng-Toda

Greetings, everyone!

The days have gone by so quickly after our kids have gone back to school that I haven't had time to write a President's Message. This is my second term of being your Burlingame Parents Club President. After a year of being unsure of so many things and worrying about how to keep my family, friends and community safe  was genuinely concerning to me BUT I am so thankful for the 2020-2021 board members. 


This wonderful group of parents while going through their own challenges with the pandemic still put effort, time, and their thoughtfulness into planning safe, out of the box events and activities, virtually and in person. They put in extra hours to make this club, the BEST and SUCCESSFUL during the roughest times in our lives. The Editors brought the Blog back with interesting articles. FB and IG members grew with our Social Media Manager. Outings and Social chairs made every effort for fun safe events. Working Parents/Speaker Series brought great speakers and the virtual Preschool Fair. First Time Parents lead safe supportive events. These parents on our board are ALL VOLUNTEERS!!! 

As the pandemic changed our lives, our club is very thankful to our members.  We could not do this if you had not become BPC members. The Executive Team and the Treasurer budget membership fees to help subsidize great events and to help those less fortunate in our community. Please continue to spread the word of Burlingame Parents Club, remember you don’t have to live in Burlingame to be a member.  


WE NEED YOUR HELP! When you registered for the BPC membership, every member agreed to volunteer time (2 hours) back to Burlingame Parents Club. Some ideas of how you can volunteer are to help at our Holiday Family Party or any event, donate meals for Meal Train, be a speaker, helping us make craft kits for the kids or the $40 Buyout. Please email for questions regarding volunteer opportunities. 

To end this message on “what I am thankful for”, I’m listing my top few. I am thankful for:

  • My family and friends’ health and safety
  • Melissa Haas, who is my current co-President and Secretary last term, being my rock when I wasn’t sure if I could push through any more
  • The Executive Board who are so creative and making sure everyone’s mental health has been in check
  • My current board members who are 80% returning from the previous year and to the new board members who came on this term, you make BPC inclusive, supportive, happy and safe for all families to enjoy.
  • Science, so we can produce safe vaccines for the 5 and up age group

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Karen Eng-Toda, BPC President 2020-2022